Everything about industrial equipment, Hyundai Engineering & Steel Industries is responsible.

We manufacture, supply and install various facilities
based on rich experience and performance

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    Business Areas
    Hyundai Engineering & Steel Industries is pioneering various business fields from petrochemical plant storage tank (STORAGE TANK), TOWER, PRESSURE VESSEL, BOILER, HEAT EXCHANGER, REACTOR, as well as material storage SILO, CRANE, HOIST, and LIFT CAR.
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    Based on abundant experience and performance, we are manufacturing, supplying, and installing on-site construction for various industrial facilities such as sluice gates, hydraulic iron pipes, airplane hangars, fuel unloading piers for thermal power plants, and jackets and decks.

Core Value

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    High Value-Added New Growth Business
    Hyundai Engineering & Steel Industries is aggressively pursuing high value-added new growth businesses, such as marine and industrial special structures. In particular, we are securing the future engine of the company by making a large-scale facility investment of about KRW 100 billion in the Yulchon plant, which can be said to be the outpost for new growth businesses.
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    Technology Development and Business Performance Accumulation Achievement Goal
    Hyundai Engineering & Steel Industries will emerge as a key player in future businesses by advancing into off-shore, vessel, and cable businesses through technology development and business performance accumulation. In addition, we plan to create a new history in the steel structure industry by actively entering new fields such as water and environment, new and renewable energy, and advanced urban infrastructure, which are promising industries in the future through new businesses.

Major Records

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