Steel Bridge

We build the bridge of dreams that connects the world and the future.

As the main business of Hyundai Engineering & Steel Industries,
we have the best technology

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    Main Business
    Steel bridge business is the main business of Hyundai Engineering & Steel Industries, and equipped with the best technology and state-of-the-art steel bridge manufacturing facilities, we design, manufacture, and install all steel bridges, including plate and box bridges, as well as special bridges such as trust bridges, suspension bridges, and cable-stayed bridges.
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    Steel Bridge Capacity
    Hyundai Engineering & Steel Industries Co., Ltd. is one of the largest steel bridge manufacturers in Korea, covering both onshore and offshore bridges. We own port facilities, including the Yulchon Factory, which is the only suspension bridge cable manufacturing plant in Korea. As a primary provider in the bridge market we are supplying major overseas steel bridges such as the 3rd Bosphorus Bridge (Turkey), Walterdale Bridge (Canada), and the Sheik Javert Causeway maritime Bridge (Kuwait).
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    The best technology and reputation were never achieved in an instant, and even at this moment, our employees of Hyundai Engineering & Steel Industries for our customers will provide the highest satisfaction through infinite R&D and efforts.

Core Value

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    A Successful Partner of a Construction Company
    With Leading Technology
    The steel bridge business is the crystallization of technology based on advanced engineering. On the basis of in-depth basic science, professional and applied technologies are fused to create a beautiful and robust steel bridge. In order to achieve the vision of “a successful partner of a construction company with leading technology”, Hyundai Engineering & Steel Industries is rethinking the efficiency of steel bridge manufacturing and installation by strengthening the capabilities of its members and strengthening the construction management and support functions centered on the headquarters.
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    Unique Technology
    Based on creative passion and strong challenging spirit, Hyundai Engineering & Steel Industries, which is securing its own technology such as patent appearance of 'arch bridge construction method using continuous extrusion method', is working hard day and night to be reborn as a global steel structure company trusted by customers. There is.
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    Business Goals
    Hyundai Engineering & Steel Industries is promoting the establishment of overseas branches and factories in order to move from the best domestic company to a global company, while strengthening core competencies such as technology estimation and engineering.

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