Offshore Wind Power

We provide a total service for offshore Offshore Wind.

We work together to develop
Renewable energy for a clean earth.

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    Business Areas
    Hyundai Engineering & Steel Industries provides total services for offshore Offshore Wind construction projects, such as manufacturing & installation of sub-structures for offshore Offshore Wind, upper turbine installation, and post-completion maintenance.
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    Offshore Wind Farm Construction
    We have an exclusive manufacturing plant of 100,000 pyeong that can produce more than 60,000 tons of sub-basic structures per year, and we have manufactured and constructed sub-basic structures of all offshore Offshore Wind complexes in Korea using Hyundai Engineering & Steel Industries's technology.
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    Offshore Wind Generator Installation Ship Construction/Construction
    Hyundai Steel Industries builds international standard offshore wind turbine installation vessels with professional technology and accumulated experience, and has built the upper turbines of all domestic offshore wind farms as installation vessels for Hyundai Steel Industries.
Offshore Wind Power

Core Value

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    Contstruction Technology Development
    Construction of the first offshore substation in Asia. Leading the domestic market by exporting substructures abroad.
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    Global of Offshore Wind Power
    Development of the only domestic dedicated line and pre-pile system that meets the global standard suitable for the domestic environment.
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    Complex Operation Technology
    Securing technology and dedicated lines for efficient complex operation.

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