CEO Message

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"We will grow into a global leader leading the eco-friendly construction business through leading technology and abundant construction experience"


Hyundai Steel Industries started as Hyundai Engineering & Construction Co., Ltd. and has been recognized for its quality and technology in all areas of the construction industry in terms of construction experience and expertise over the past 40 years.

In addition, it has entered the marine wind business, which is a key field of eco-friendly energy, and has built and installed Asia's first marine substation, and is creating value in the renewable energy field with its best technology in Southwest Sea Wind, Jeju Hanlim Marine Wind, and Taiwan Changhwa Sea Wind.

In particular, it is leading the market by building the only 14,000-ton offshore wind power installation ship in Korea to manufacture, install, turbine installation, and maintenance of offshore wind power foundation structures.

In the future, all executives and employees of Hyundai Steel Industry will continue to make human life rich and safe through leading technology and "modern spirit" that is not afraid of change, and move forward vigorously for a better future. Please look forward to the value creation of the modern steel industry that grows with customers and contributes to human society. Thank you.

Lee Cheong-hyu
CEO of
Hyundai Steel Industries