We are further increasing our corporate value by operating a compliance program to establish a culture of fair transactions.

Self-Compliance Program (Fair Trade) The self-compliance program established and operated by Hyundai Steel Industries is an internal compliance system that presents clear standards of behavior to comply with the Fair Trade Act and prevents executives and employees from violating the Fair Trade Act.

Key 8 Factors in Compliance Program
01. Prepare and execute standard and procedure for CP
02. Announce the will and support of CEO for CP
03. Appoint manager responsible for compliance
04.Create and use compliance manual
05.Execute compliance training on employees (more than 2 hours/half a year)
06.Establish internal monitoring system including monitoring and inspection of compliance
07.Impose restriction on employees who violated Fair Trade Act
08.Evaluate its effectiveness and prepare improvement measure
CP Announcement Guidebook
(CP) Manual Operational regulations
Guidelines Internal transaction
Guidelines Prevention of Collusion
Guidelines Subcontracting transactions