Core Value

The core value of Hyundai Engineering & Steel Industries is always higher.

Leading value creation with the highest quality and technology
Highest quality and technology
High value added through outstanding quality and core technology capabilities
Leading Value Creation
Continuing New Growth Businesses for a Better Future
Leading Company of Green Construction Infrastructure Construction Infrastructure
Provides total manufacturing, construction, and maintenance solutions
Global Top Tier Leaps Into Korea's Leading Company in Eco-Friendly Offshore Wind Power
A global company in the field of Steel Structure and Heavy Equipment Hire Service
Structure and Heavy Equipment Hire Service projects trusted by customers with creative enthusiasm and strong drive a global company in the field
Partners in Fair and Transparent Shared Growth
Fair and transparent corporate culture
Internalizing compliance and ethical management and aiming for the future with a Hyundai spirit that is not afraid of change
Establishing a safety culture and promoting social contribution
Shared growth partners who prioritize safety culture and contribute to human society

Vision system diagram